• Hot Chocolate and Homemade Marshmallows

    Our customers tell us one of their favorite things about our Hot Chocolate is the giant, homemade marshmallow!

    How we make Sweet Moses marshmallows:

    -We heat simple syrup and temper with gelatin and vanilla, and whip it into a mixer for 15 minutes, until it expands into a sticky, glossy, white confection
    -We transfer to a frame and smooth flat
    -The marshmallows set overnight before they are measured and cut by hand (they’re square because it's the most efficient way to cut; store-bought marshmallows are extruded by a machine - like a play-doh pumper)
    -The final product is rolled in powdered sugar

    Gooey, fluffy, DELICIOUS!

    Also, did you know our Hot Chocolate is made from a vintage recipe published in the Kansas City Star in December of 1911?! We use Hartzler's whole milk, melted chocolate (never cocoa powder, we use the real deal) and a little coconut milk and eggs (pasteurized) to give it extra richness.

    Happiness in a cup!  

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