• Sweet Treats on Mother's Day (Green Eyed Lady blog - review)

    We recently invited Cleveland lifestyle/mommy blogger Carissa Gotbott to experience Sweet Moses with her family.

    "I love how everything looked and felt like being in an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor," Carissa writes in her Green Eyed Lady blog. "From the Homemade Ice Cream to Brownies, Sweet Moses takes pride in sticking to the older traditions versus changing based on the advancements in technology and equipment."

    Carissa offers up her Top 3 Reasons why you should bring your mom to the shop and experience Sweet Moses on Mother's Day.

    "I know everyone has a different palate, but literally there is something for everyone," she writes. "Your mom is GUARANTEED to be happy if you take her to this Cleveland Gem!"
    THANK YOU, Carissa, for the love!
    Click here to read her Mother's Day review on the Green Eyed lady blog.
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