• Terminal Tower Challenge Champion - Ivan Mendoza

    Ivan Mendoza can now check “Terminal Tower Challenge Champion” off his foodie to-do list.

    The Cleveland native, who lives for good food and dessert, visited the shop on Small Business Saturday to tackle our most intimidating menu item: an impressive ice cream edifice made of 10 scoops – one scoop of each classic flavor – topped with hot fudge, warm caramel, marshmallow cream, pecans, candy sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries (plus two additional toppings of Ivan’s choice, pineapple and strawberry).

    “I went to Sweet Moses on my birthday back in August and I’ve been addicted ever since,” says Ivan. “I love the variety of flavors and the quality of the ice cream. I get a different sundae every time I visit. So this past weekend I figured, why not do the Terminal Tower?”

    Ivan says it took over an hour to finish every last bite. He started at the top and dug his way through each scoop. Toward the end of his ice cream eating journey, the Terminal Tower had melted into a cold soup so he slurped the rest with a straw. His method included drinking lots of water between bites, savoring the flavors, and wearing a jacket to keep warm.

    And how did he feel afterwards?

    “Not the greatest,” he admits. “But I felt accomplished nonetheless.”

    Ivan’s name will be engraved alongside five other courageous ice cream connoisseurs on the Sweet Moses Terminal Tower Challenge plaque. He's only the sixth person to do it in four years.

    Bravo, Ivan!

    p.s. that shirt (PERFECT!).

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