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At Sweet Moses, we believe that the simple goodness of the neighborhood soda fountain and treat shop is a tradition worth holding on to. With all the advancements over the last century, we just don't think anyone has been able to top the pure magic that happens when classic ingredients like sugar, cream, butter, chocolate and vanilla are stirred in a hot copper kettle, or churned in an ice cream freezer.

Step inside the shop and you'll quickly discover the Sweet Moses difference. Our homemade ice cream is served up from behind an authentic Bastion-Blessings soda fountain -- framed in 16 feet of gleaming Tennessee marble. Enjoy a mug of our own Sweet Moses Root Beer, right out of the barrel. Grab a seat at the counter, or pull up one of our restored, wrought-iron ice cream chairs. These are just a few of the historic, soda fountain finds that now call Gordon Square Arts District home.

Proven, classic recipes get premium treatment with the finest Belgian chocolate and cocoa, farm-fresh dairy products, pure Madagascar vanilla and fresh-roasted nuts. Toffee, barks and caramel chews spend time cooling on the kitchen's marble slab, before they make their way to our candy case. Even the hot fudge and caramel sauces that top your sundae are fresh out of our kitchen.

At Sweet Moses, you'll experience ice cream and confections the way they were meant to be. It's Cleveland's neighborhood soda fountain and treat shop, filled with years of sweet traditions.

Moses Cleaveland – Maybe it’s the fact that his name was misspelled, but virtually every portrait and statue of our city’s founder, Moses Cleaveland, depicts a man with a scowl on his face. So what would it have taken to get him to smile? We have an idea.

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